My body is the place I feel most comfortable; covered warm with a blanket on a cool night or laying naked in the sun on a summer day. The freckles that cover my arms, legs, and face are a reminder to myself everyday that I am who I am and no one can change that. I must love my body, my soul, and my originality to fully love myself. I must be able to look into the mirror and know exactly who is looking back at me. To prepare myself for the unknown future I need to be comfortable with my morals, ideas, feelings, and decisions. I live within myself.

Cherish your body, comfort your soul. Take care of yourself. Think of your body as the one thing in life you are able to control. It is with you from the very beginning and will remain with you until the very end. Take care of it. Exercise. Eat right. Smile. Love. All these things can help your body repay you; by being healthy so that you can continue on to pursue your dreams.