A Moment

We lay hidden under a mountain of covers, as the cool air outside drops; his body radiating heat. My head tucked carefully into his neck, I breathed in his warmth. My eyes closed and I soared in the moment. Memorizing the exact places his body was touching mine. Remembering how he smelled, the best in the world. I could hear his deep and steady heartbeat and wished I could control mine as it beat like a panicked butterfly. I wish ours could beat in unison, as our breath did. I nestled in deeper wishing this would never end and I felt his arms tighten around me. My heart swelled as it tried to expand to fit the amount of love I felt. He is the one I trust to protect me from my worst fears, to keep my darkest secrets, and to challenge me to make a mistake. He is the one I need to push me to excel as far as I can. He is my back up, my first mate, partner in crime, my soul mate. I looked into his blue eyes and they smiled back at me. I closed mine and lifted my lips to kiss him. I was safe, and happy; nothing could be better. I was home.